Thursday, February 28, 2013

Smoked Duck Salad with mandarin oranges

This entry was done long ago, just realized it's in draft instead of being published. ZzzZz.

 Yummy!!! And it's soOoOOo easy to do. =D 
Preparation time: Less than 10minutes

Original Smoked Duck Breast from Duck Chef
Italian Salad dressing from KRAFT

Mandarin Oranges from Hosen 
They're sweet and nice to eat even alone.

To be mixed together with a pack of fresh greens, available from supermarkets.

After the trauma from sure to triple wash your salad veg despite they said it's pre-washed and ready to eat.....

Here's the Black Pepper Smoked duck version!!
With that hint of spice, I think it's nicer than the original one. =)

My way of doing:

Although the smoked duck breast is ready to eat, I choose to grill it on both sides for around 2-3 minutes each, just so the duck fat(from the duck skin) will melt and it makes it even more appealing and fragrant!! The meat will still be tender. Soak up the excess oil with paper, slice it and place it on the greens. I like my greens with more flavor so I used 5 tablespoons of Italian dressing to drizzle on them. Drain dry the mandarin oranges and place it on top and you're done!!

You can always add other ingredients which you like, just remember to drain them dry before you toss them in. 

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