Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My favorite food

Currently sticking to home-cooked food. =P Smoked bratwurst sausages, sauteed mushrooms with scrambled eggs. Yummier than they looked. =P

While we're here, I have to say I love these sausages from Johnsonville, they taste SO GOOD!!
Good to go with maggie mees too. =P

Didnt see any with cheese. =(  Hopefully they get imported soon.

For the sauteed mushrooms, simply stir fry them with some oyster sauce, sugar and (fine)black pepper, they're good to eat. And never never have scrambled eggs without Mccormicks coarse ground black pepper. They're a must! I love breakfasts/suppers like this. So easy and yummy. Reasonably healthy too. =)

Now for the unhealthy snacks.................if you're a cheese lover like's a recommendation.

My favorite nachos of all times!! Cheesy Cheese Nachos from Chachos!! Great to eat on it's own!!

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For more sinful cheese indulgence..........

Cheese dip from Tostitos!!

It's slightly spicy with jalapenos. Usually I'll heat it for a while with microwave to go with my nachos. Warm cheese is so much better than cold cheese! It's saltier than Golden Village's warm cheese but I like it. =P

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