Sunday, February 10, 2013

Happy Chinese New Year 2013!!!

Wishing everyone a great Snakey year with abundant wealth, health and love!!! Always be happy (but preferably not at the expanse of others' happiness)!!!

I just heard a very sad story of a hubby divorcing his wife of 10plus years. And the tragic thing was the wive totally didnt expect it coming because the husband was behaving like perfectly normal all this while. And the horrible part was the wive had to know the real reason of the divorce through the neighbour....

"Very sorry to hear about your divorce....sigh.....actually we didnt find it surprising...because we saw him bring a lady back home few times during lunch hour already...Everytime she came with dry hair and then leave few hours later with wet hair....but well...we're also not in a position to comment anything....."

Which calls to mind....if it's you, will you say?

When I heard this story....especially the part where the unfaithful husband totally showed no signs of disaffection....I asked, "Is he a Virgo?"

"Wah!!! How you know??? Got so accurate or not???!!!"

Of course!!!! Me expert leh. In horoscopes I mean. Lol. Anyway, I'm very glad that lady has moved on. :) Such a guy is totally not worth it.

Huat ah!!!! :D
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