Saturday, February 23, 2013

Doggy drowned because of negligence...

So sad....=( Doggy drowned because of negligence.....Please boycott K9 Kulture, a doggy day care centre at Turf City Bukit Timah.


We suffered the loss of Kimi, our 4-year old Cairns Terrier in September 2012 while she was being cared for at K9 Kulture, a doggy day care centre located at Turf City Bukit Timah that allows dogs to play with other dogs and teaches them how to swim. On 15 September 2012, Kimi drowned as a result of negligence by the centre. 

After reviewing the CCTV footage, we learned that on the day, there was only one trainer who was caring for a number of dogs, both swimmers and non-swimmers around the deep swimming pool, with none of them, including Kimi, wearing a life jacket. To make matters worse, that one trainer left the pool for a few minutes, leaving the dogs swimming in the pool unsupervised. Kimi was not a swimmer and drowned, with the staff only realising this minutes later.

No CPR was administered when Kimi was pulled out of the pool, even though K9 had claimed that its staff were trained to do so. Needless to say, we were gravely upset with the way K9 handled the matter, from the time they informed us about Kimi's drowning to their subsequent empty promises to appease us.

We filed a police report and the case was turned over to the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) and we learned, very alarmingly, that there isn't a government agency responsible or authorized to review the operations of K9 Kulture or other similar centres in Singapore. AVA informed us that they were unable to take any action against K9 but had acknowledged that it was a serious case of negligence. We also learned that as a result of not having a regulation body for such business entities, anyone could open an animal day care centre in Singapore and not have to work within any guidelines or service standards.

Please help us to spread the word and create awareness amongst other pet and dog owners. Hopefully, the appropriate authorities will take interest in the matter.

Unfortunately for us, we have already lost Kimi.

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