Thursday, February 28, 2013

Movie 43.....quite the most stupid show of the century...

Movie title: Movie 43 (R21)
Ratings: 2/5
Comments: I know it's lame Ok! I know it's supposed to be lame, OK? What I meant was it's already beyondddddd my definittion of "LAME". I can take lame. I really can. BUT, for a show to be like's already past lame, it's stupiddddd and beyond reason!! Even dearie, a fan of lame shows, also said he cant take it. However to be honest, I think the production crew as well as cast of the various different stories were very professional about it as we can really see the effort put in the production...every little advertisement etc. Really...I take my hats off poor Emma....and such a waste of Halle's appearance....I merely wish to murder the people behind the stories...I really wonder did they set up a "Who can come up with the most stupid story" contest, hence the birth of this show. That being said, you'll still wanna sit through the show because at the very back of your mind, you wanna see how much more lame/stupid can it get!! In fact, I think this is better than "Silver Linings Playbook" least I didnt take out my handphone to play in the middle of the show. 

Actually, only the 1st short story left an impression on me. Kate and Hugh were so damn funny!!

Oh it's the 1st time that we saw such a long queue for a weekday midnight show. Saw a few gay couples and groups of excited boys. Kinda scary though. But they must had felt super disappointed because not much nudity. Lol.

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