Sunday, February 10, 2013

KS and Lin's Wedding at St Andrew's Cathedral & Carlton Hotel

It was my dearest Lin's big day on 2nd Feb 2013!!! Other than the evening banquet at Carlton Hotel, I'm also very honored to be invited to her church wedding at St Andrew's Cathedral earlier that day on 4pm. =D  It was my first time attending a church wedding!! Haha. Upon arriving, I joined Jes, James and Jas to sit down. Talk about being surrounded by "J"s. =P And Jes informed me that we got to sing later. I was like, "What???!!!" Lol.

Beautiful, serene and blissful

Everytime I attend weddings of my very close friends....whenever they walked down the aisle....or exchanged vows....I will feel my nose getting "sour" and eyes getting watery. The feeling is just indescribable., especially I'm the one who introduced them. =D Sigh...I'm just a super sentimental and emo person. *wipes tears with hanky* Oh and initially I meant to intro Lin to Fab(my friend)....but Fab brought KS(whom I didnt know then yet) along....and know.....Lol.....God has a amazing way of arrangement. =) Kekeke. They wanna give me matchmaker angbao somemore! Hahaha! Mummy superstitious, say I must take or else not good for me. =O I told them dont put more than $2 inside or I wont accept. Lol. Anyway, Fab is also happily attached now so I think I will also be receiving his red bomb pretty soon! And during the reciting of vows, Lin got very emotional and started to tear......I teared too... (blush blush) In fact...few of the bridesmaid teared too. It was such a touching and poignant moment.

After the exchanging of vows and rings, the pastor began to share his speech on holy matrimony. Instead of feeling bored, I felt very enlightened by his words. It's as if, a great deal of burden just lifted off my shoulders, stress left my body and brain...and suddenly it seems somethings or problems are not as difficult or serious as it seems. One of the most enlightening speech the pastor shared was, "All of us are imperfect and different. Because we are brought up in different environments. Focus on each other's strengths. Focus on his strengths and dont always focus on his shortcomings." And I suddenly thought of dearie...of the quarrel we had earlier We had made up of course, before Lin's wedding. I'm never a petty person who holds grudges but sometimes, cant help feeling disappointed at him for his...well....yes...short-comings. But like the pastor said, why keep emphasizing on his flaws instead of noticing his strengths? Anyway.....every relationship or marriage has it's own challenges and we just have to fine-tune them. =)

Jes wasnt joking. We really need to sing. It was such an embarrassing moment as I fumbled with the...ahhh......booklet to search for the page where the lyrics are....haha. Light reception followed and with the 3 J's, we went to Gravity Bar at Carlton to chill before attending the dinner banquet.

  It was great catching up as we haven seen each other for such a long time. And we will be catching up soon before CNY ends. =D

Lin looked so radiant, pretty and happy in her smashing gown with a long train. Felt so happy for them! Enjoyed the banquet too. I thought the service was good and food was pretty good too. I had double servings for almost every dish. Lol. Well, with just 1 exception, the tea smoked chicken wasnt to my liking. Well, nothing is perfect, I did not think much of it. =) But Lin told me the hotel's manager's attitude was absolutely rude and horrible as soon as the bills were signed!

Talking about that the matrimony papers were signed.....KS, you better treat Lin well, or.....hng hng hng..............

Haha Okie lah, I know he will treat her very very well, for Lin is quite the nicest person I ever know. Treating everyone with kindness without expecting anything in return and always placing other people's needs before her own! I'm truly blessed to have a friend like her and I hope we girls will enjoy everlasting friendship even after we have kids(if any) or become super fat-ass aunties!!!!(I'm already half way there....sobs sobs....)

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