Monday, February 4, 2013

For Note 2: Baby pink jelly casing with mirror

I received numerous compliments and interesting comments on my Note 2 casing. Haha! Saying how cute it is! So decided to share here.

My design is the pink one! With the lollipop!! It's a jelly case! And what's so special about it?? The lollipop is actually 3D and protruding so that you can slide the cover of it to reveal a round MIRROR!!! Hahaha!! What else I love about it is: because the lollipop mirror is protruding in a 3D way, the phone wont lie flat in contact with a table(it will appear as if the phone is suspended in the air, just maybe 0.5cm from the the table), thus it wont muffle the speaker which is located on the bottom of the phone. So I can still listen to my music effectively. Also, when I'm outside and the table is kinda not very clean, it also keeps the pink jelly case clean as only the plastic and dirt-proof lollipop touches the table. In addition, as it's jelly case, removal is effortless. To me, it's still pretty light-weight. Weighs around the same as those covers with flap. Only bad point is it cant charge when phone is in the case, need to remove the case to charge properly.

I got it from this seller at

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