Saturday, September 21, 2013

Angelina Jolie reportedly left with 3 years to live

Oh well....I hope this isnt true.

Looking at the pictures of Angelina Jolie at chinese proverb 天妒红颜 came into my mind; which actually means god is jealous of your beauty and thus the saying....that usually beauties doesnt have a easy life. Anyway, it calls to mind an entry which I've previously blogged, Basically to sum up, I merely meant if that so-called speech is supposedly made by Brad, it "sounds" and "seems" to me that he's more interested in Angelina's looks and is greatly proud to have the honor of sleeping next to technically, his opinion of the most beautiful woman on earth THAN loving the actual woman himself. The entry received alot of backlash mainly because I complimented Angelina on her humanitarian work(scroll down) and thought she deserves someone who truly loves her for her; loves her for who she is, and not love her for being Angelina Jolie. Some ladies got very uptight because they felt she was a home wrecker and literally snatched 2 husbands, one said.

I'm truly not a fan of her so I'm not into her tabloids and romance history; I'm greatly ignorant on all those and the only "famous" one is of course, yes, she got's Jenny's(Jennifer Anniston) hubby, Brad Pitt. And looking at her pictures, and I wonder, there any man she cant have? If she really really want. With her beauty, I think she can do more than that; that is, having a few men instead of just 1 man. I have to admit I really dont know her history well but well...looking at her info in wiki......and fine....some pictures.....can you not love this women already who adopt so many kids with love and no racism at all. It's apparent that the kids are happy and all this can only be possible of love because I dont think the kids are old enough to "act happy" infront of a camera. And if a woman need to come up with this whole facade of a "charitable and loving mother".......just think about much work, time and effort she need to take? Or does she even need this? Guys take 1 look at her and falls in love. Not to mention she's filthy rich.

Just take a minute to imagine, if you have this kind of Hollywood star look.......and basically men fall at your feet....and one day, Brad Pitt falls at yours. And you fell at his too. But he's married. What will you do? Remember you're such a beauty who can get a guy at a snap of fingers, but the only guy you love is a married men, would you sacrifice your integrity and reputation in the name of love?

In life, things are so hard to say but yet promises are so easily given. Never say never. Remember the times where we all do stupid things in the name of love. Why the saying "Love is selfish"? Because it really is. I, one who is proud that I've never been a 3rd party in a relationship or 2-time anyone all my life, cant guarantee that my hubby will be the last man I love. It's not that I dont love him enough; I love him so much, so much more than he love me. However it's just that I feel nothing is ever predictable in life. If ever, Angelina Jolie gets to know my hubby, and somehow they fell in love, what can I do? 

I will only say, "That's too bad....move on...."...oh and maybe one more line, "Tough luck!(because it's Angelina Jolie). Lol.

I asked dearie, "Dear, if one day Angelina Jolie says she wants to be with you, you'll probably dump me for her right?"

He gave me a super complete 360degrees roll-eyes-look which indicated his blatant amusement and my ingenuity for inventing such a ridiculous predicament and said, "That will NEVER happen. So you dont have to worry."

It's not exactly the "model answer" which I wanted, which is, "No honey...I will never dump you for anyone else, not even Angelina Jolie." Which is like, so cheesy, I know. Lol. Of course he did follow up with words around that meaning, weakly, in a not very convincing sort of way. =P

But you see, we're all human beings...not's really hard to say what will happen and guarantee what you will do and what you will not do. Because life itself is already a gamble.

Months ago, I heard about an impending bridegroom having feelings with a female friend, who also has feelings for him. Despite having feelings, they are prim and proper, if you get what I mean, only meeting for meals. Having to do the "RIGHT" thing, the guy continued with the engagement, my friend got heartbroken and said they shouldnt meet anymore now that he is married. 

Yes, the "Right" thing, but is it really right?

Can your heart really follow the direction of being "right"?

Initially I asked my friend to go for it and convince the guy to break off his engagement to be together with her, since the guy claims he loves her and not his wife-to-be. On one hand, my friend is not willing as she feels this is "WRONG" and it's "UNFAIR" to the wife-to-be. But then I told her, if he really loves you while he is with her, isnt it more unfair to her? His soul isnt even faithful anymore."

Days later, my friend updated me with what he told her. 

"Something is missing..." he said

Immediately red bells rang in my head and I warned my friend that he might not be in love with her like what he claimed. Because oh manz, I hear this all the time. Attached men finding excuses to cheat will always repeat this line. Be careful if you hear this. Because this literally means, "Actually I'm great with my wife, but I just dont mind an extra."

As expected, he continued the engagement but yet still wish to remain status-quo with my friend; he knows damn well this is torturous to my friend(liking someone but yet suppressing the feelings). To which, I condemned him to the depths of hell. Because I can now 100% accurately conclude he's only in love with himself and wants the best of both world. 

So you see, not only life changes all the time, people changes all the time too. Before you get yourself so emotionally affected by someone, make sure he's worth it. Because not only love is selfish and blind, love is greedy too. 

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