Thursday, September 19, 2013

Review of Chanel GST(Grand Shopping Tote)

Some time back, I met up with my 2 dear frens S and G and we had SO MUCH laughter. We laughed so loud that a lady from a neighbour table kept looking at us with annoyance. Lol. So sorry. We cant help it. And there's nothing we can do except to offer you our condolences in regards to your male companion who kept playing his handphone.

GUYS!! Stop doing that! It's most unhealthy to a relationship you know. =P 

Anyway, we chatted and bitched about every single thing under the sky. From topics as bimbo-tic to the various brands of bags, their durability/pricing in different countries etc as well as super super austere topics like the properties, the politics, various investments and such. And speaking of the MOST IMPORTANT EVENT OF THE YEAR, my dearest dearest friend G is getting married!!!! Dang dang dang dang!!! Dang dang dang dang!!! *Wedding bells melody* SO SO SO SO happy for her!!! Awwwww!!! I know she will be so blissful and happy with her darling boyfriend who dotes her to bits! 

Oh manz, I haven seen these 2 beauties for so long(Dammit, too busy chatting, forgot to take photos!!! Arrghhh!!) and we were so busy gobbling our food and bitching at the same time. Imagine that sight! S cant help but noticed my Chanel GST the moment I walked towards her. You know it's like so freaking bulky. [=.=]'''''''''', like who can miss it. Zzzzz. And yeah the cutie started with her chirpy voice, "借我拿一下!!! 重不重??". Lol. So I did share with her about my views on this bag. And advancing, we 3 girlies started discussing on the pros and cons on ALL the various brands of bags. Lol. I shant reveal what we shared(because we're probably get sued. LOL) but I just wish to share my review on Chanel GST, if you're keen to know. 

First and foremost, I wish to clarify this entry is in no way bragging of any sort. In fact, while most people post pictures of their loved items/bags or presents received on facebook, I dont. Why? Well, I just dont wish (over-sensitive)people to think I'm bragging (such branded items) in any way, even when this is in fact my hubby's birthday present to me. However, this is my blog and I merely wish to share my thoughts if you're considering to buy it. I also dont own a PHD in branded goods; so if you have any doubts over what I mentioned(which might not be 100% right), please check with the boutique ya. 

 (P/S I dont have the habit to watermark my pictures(steal all you want) but S told me there are dishonest sellers who steal such pictures and con buyers online, so I watermarked mine to (help) prevent that from happening. So troublesome.....I salute bloggers who watermark ALL their pictures.)

Some basic info:
It's retailing at S$3900 at local boutiques but hubby got me this from Munich(Germany) at around S$2800, which is approximately a whooping 30% off. It's one of their classics, of black caviar leather and in silver hardware. You can also choose the gold hardware. 

I'm a "tote" person. Most of my bags are totes, although they come in all styles and designs. The reason I love totes is because I can easily throw things inside(haha) OR retrieve what I want easily without removing it from my shoulder or opening up the flap etc. It suits my usual dressing style too.

Real Review:
It's very spacious, you can put alot of things inside but you cant put super bulky items inside because there's a zipped partition in the middle of the bag. There's also a pocket at the back of the bag which you can put a card or 2, just nothing bulky. It's heavier than normal totes as it's caviar leather, but that also means it's scratch-proof and water-proof. It's very sturdy and of good quality so I do expect it to last more than just a few good years. Although it's straps are chained which is pretty uncomfortable(like it's Classic 2.55), the position sitting on your shoulders has thick leather flaps to make it comfortable. This is so so so important; if not for this, I wouldnt have gotten this bag at all. The only slight complaint is that I feel stitches at some parts of the handles are not smooth; they're sharp and rough and might cause a cut if it's a hard abrasion against your skin. However, this problem can be solved by simply waxing the rough edges with a candle etc. But frankly speaking....for the brand and the price, I was quite taken aback. 

Last notes:
Because of the leather flaps for the shoulders, this bag is more recommended for people with square and broad shoulders. Because I did hear a colleague(who bought the same tote) complained that it always slides off her shoulder. Naturally, dont put too little things in the tote, if it's too light, it's easy to wander off your shoulders too. SO, a word of reminder, it will be kinda heavy on your shoulders with the right amount of stuff inside. I'll say...3 kg AT LEAST. So dont buy if you're not used to this kind of weight on your shoulders. 

Hmm........feel free to go to the boutiques to see how it looks on you. It's not very small, I reckon it's more suitable for girls 1.6m and above, and preferably not very skinny girls. I'm definitely not skinny but I do feel I need to wear heels to carry this bag. Otherwise, the tote will look kinda too big for my petite frame. Despite it's classy outlook, it's actually pairable with a glam top with shorts and glam ballet flats because totes still lends a smart casual edge. Of course, no t-shirts and slippers with it. 

Of late, both the mentioned Chanel GST and the Louis Vuitton Neverfull PM tote in Damier Ebene are my to-go bags. In comparison, the latter is so much lighter. Of course they suits different purpose and occasions. And frankly speaking, I feel Louis Vuitton Neverfull tote is a must-have for every girl. I had it in monogram too for more than 10years and the bag is so durable and lasting. Definitely worth the price. 

We seldom buy branded goods in Singapore anymore. Usually we buy it overseas because they are cheaper there. Mont Blanc is the only exception; It's cheapest in Singapore but you have to buy it at the airport. 

Anyway.........I was snapping pictures of the bag for this entry.....and I thought I might as well do a "What's in my bag" entry. =) Coming soon.......


  1. Great, i have the same tote and the same perception like u. These 2 are just awesome!

  2. Wow! These are looking pretty comfortable and stylish. I need to buy one Chanel Purses for my regular use. Can you please tell me the procedure of buying purses from here?

  3. The GST is so much better, I think its made from caviar right? The Chanel Grand shopping tote is one of the most classic/timeless bag ever existed.

  4. Thanks for your informative review.

  5. Nice bag. Looking to get one soon.