Monday, September 9, 2013

BOMB ME - Android game app

If you know me, you'll know I'm not a fan of games. It's not that I dont like them but my interests die very easily. Hmm..........I do play games but they're word games like Scrabble/Literati, online multiplayer games like Gunbound and Pangya Golf game, Bridge(card game) on I also used to play Counterstrike on LAN and Frontline Commando on my Samsung Note 2. Just so you know my gaming style huh....... Candy Crush? Bejewel? Not my thing~ 

SO! I recently started playing a game call "Bomb Me" on my handphone and it was pretty cute. It's something like gunbound, whereby you just shoot people with different weapons(I think I have a violent nature). The graphics are cute and vibrant. Considering a phone app, it does awe me. I think it's good to pass out time. Naturally there are the level up and upgrade your weapons stuffs.

Bomb Me - screenshot thumbnail

Bomb Me - screenshot

Bomb Me - screenshot

Bomb Me - screenshot

Bomb Me - screenshot

I've also just started playing only so also cant tell you much~

Their facebook here, and website here,

Hmm.......but the rather irritating thing is.......I've played 3 games so far, 1 solo(meaning 1 VS 1) and 2 team games......but I was disconnected so easily from the 2 team games and so I didnt complete them. I wonder its because my connection is lousy or that the server of the game is weak.

In any case, feel free to add me, Kaori89. Hee hee~

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