Sunday, September 8, 2013

BakerzIn - The Moon Rabbits Mooncake Collection - Heavenly Collection(Snowskin + truffles)

It's Miss Chang Er's festival again! Happy Mooncake Festival in advance!! 

Saw many mooncake booths in shopping centres lately. Compared to traditional mooncakes, I pretty much prefer snowskin truffle mooncakes which are served chill. And after the disappointment of the drop in standards of both Hyatt's and Peony Jade's snowskin truffle mooncakes, this time I've decided to try out the Heavenly collection from BakerzIn. And it did not disappoint!

I bought 2 boxes from their booth at Westmall. And manz....I just have to mention about the auntie, which is...."very good" lah. She told me the retail price for these mooncakes is S$58 per box. If I buy 1 box, there will 10% off cum a free tote bag. I feel the tote bag is quite pretty and of more-than-acceptable quality. It has words of "BakerzIn" in gold in the middle, looks like it's made of synthetic leather(brown) with some cyan stripes patterns(pictured below). She further encouraged me to buy 2 boxes to enjoy 15% off with 2 totes bags, after emphasizing "I only left 2 bags already! No more already!"

Okie so I bought 2 boxes(I'm so easy to close....[=.=) and went to the cashier. It amounts to S$105+, which is definitely not 15% off. So I asked the cashier, and the girl told me it's 15% off the R.P $58, and then PLUS another 7% GST....... I was like...."Wah that auntie also very "dry"(cunning in hokkien)". Anyway, since I wanna try the mooncakes, the price also doesnt matter la....but you's the feeling of being conned. (=.=)''''''''''''''''' Ok lah, we were also given 3 BakerzIn 20% dine-in vouchers with no minimum spending. That's great!! Time to savor the yummy turkey & bacon aglio olio with the mango cake!! 

Somehow, next day I was also at Westmall, true enough, the tote bag which I had is not longer displayed. In place, it was another ugly and cheapo-looking tote bag. I was thinking...heng ah..... :P

Heavenly Collection

This delightful and fun range of snow skin features an array of liquor filled truffles in the middle of smooth, white lotus paste. Pick from divine flavours such as Yuzu Vodka, Irish Coffee, Single Malt Whisky and Rum & Raisin. If you can’t make up your mind, just take them all home! Comes with a beautiful recyclable tote bag. (Serves 8, 2 pieces each)

$52 (Online Price)  $44.20 (15.00% off)

I love all the flavours except coffee because I dont take coffee but my favorite will be the Single Malt whisky...which somehow tastes like champagne. Haha. =D By the way, 1 slight, annoying thing will be the mooncakes dont have labels so you wont know the flavours until you taste it unless you've tried them before. And although their size is mini...I feel somehow they're bigger than normal mini's and they're very filing. At one time, I can only take max 2.

Oh by the way, my box looks exactly like the one pictured below except it's in pink and purple! So pretty! It's a very good quality box and within it, it comes with plastic trays too so it's definitely reusable. =D All of all, I think S$53 per box(the price I paid) is very worth it. 

Heavenly CollectionHeavenly Collection
Heavenly CollectionHeavenly Collection

If you're thinking buying online is cheaper(because it states there S$44.20), NO, it isnt. The person doing the website is as "dry"(cunning in hokkien) as the auntie. After adding into cart, adding GST and such, it still adds up to slightly more than the price I paid. With the free 20% off dine-in vouchers, it's still better off to buy from booths. =)

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