Monday, September 23, 2013

What's in my bag?

Generally these are what's in my "normal" bag when I'm going out. Naturally my working bag holds more stuffs like calculator...receipt book...thumbprint sets.....ahhhh....let's not go into that(boring).

1. Prada Saffiano Fiocco Bow Wallet in Hot Pink
2. Louis Vuitton Pochette Cles Key/Coin pouch in Epi leather, black
3. Mont Blanc Starwalker Doue Platinum Plate Ballpoint Pen
4. "Ribbon" to hold earphone wires (S$2 from Daiso)
5. Chanel Makeup pouch (from ADA)
6. Fisherman's Friend, apple & cinnamon
7. Keys with lilac doggy charm(Pressie from SQ!! Thanks sweetie!!)
8. Cathy doll pouch (free gift from Karmart, Bangkok)
9. Chanel Maquillage pouch (from ADA)
10. (Not in picture) Samsung Note 2 handphone(being used to snap these pictures!)

My pink wallet holds all my important cards, like all my credit cards, atm cards, cash, important receipts etc. So it's basically something which I will carry out when I'm shopping or if I'm going out for a long day. 

My Cathy doll pouch holds all my less important member cards for all the shopping, ranges from Charles & Keith, Helen, Watson, Wanko, Minibits, TheFaceShop, EtudeHouse, BHG......ahhh...basically you name it I have it. 

My black wallet is one which I bring to work or chill/club, as it's small and compact. So it only holds my IC, some spare cash, FRANK card(which serves as credit card, atm card, ezlink all in 1), POSB Everyday card(for Watson purchases), NTUC Fairplus Card(for ntuc purchases), Sakae Sushi Card and Infinite card(For Xinwang restaurants etc). And just 1 key, my gate key. 

More keys are with my lilac doggy keychain which I always carry unless I'm going out solely to club/chill. Isnt it so kawaii and sweet?? It's a gift from SQ!! Thanks so much sweetie!! It also says, "Socially conscious product made by the disabled and the disadvantaged people. -" I almost cant believe it! It was so intricately and exquisitely made! Hopefully more people can help to support!! Thanks!!!

The big pouch is for all my medications; just in case I feel unwell outside. Usually I will bring out if I'm spending a long day outside. I simply need Calfox for my intense headaches and the various medications for my frequent tummy upsets. See the cutie bearbear keychain, it glows in the dark too!! Gift from SQ who bought from the zoo!! Thanks so much sweetie!! =D

For all others(the earphones, pen, mints), as well as this small makeup pouch, they're almost always with me unless I'm just going central. But I tend to forget to transfer the pen whenever I'm changing bags because it's always in the zipped slot instead of just lying around in the bag(for fear of it getting spoilt). Oh ya....some stuff not pictured included the usual tissue packs, hygience wipes, and panty liners all those la...always in zipped compartments. I guess I dont need to show them bah....hahaha. 

And..............what's inside my makeup pouch?

Anti-clockwise direction starting left:
Crabtree & Evelyn Lavender hand cream (gift from SQ too!! Thanks dear!!)
Clean & Clear Oil control film blotters
Travalo Portable perfume bottle with my current to-go scent
Darkness clear eyelash glue
Maybelline Watershine Collagen gloss in CP21 (MLBB, my-lips-but-beter light pink)
Etude House Dear Girls Be Clear Pact in peach
I actually missed out 1 thing, which is a q-tip; I usually keep 1 or 2 clean ones inside my pouch too. 

Basically all these items stays permanently in the pouch except for the lipgloss, which I replace with other glosses/lipsticks from time to time depending on the look that day/night. If you're wondering why so little makeup in the pouch, that's because both my eye and face makeup is very lasting due to all the primers/products I use; I blot sometimes. And I seldom need to touch up although I still keep my face pact around just for safety sake. It's a must to keep eyelash glue in ziplock bag lest it dirties your pouch. On chilling/clubbing dates, sometimes I'll replace my handcream with a highlighter, like, Holika Holika - Luminous Silk Aura Highlighter, with a tiny fluffy brush from Ecotools. 

Alright, that's about it. Feel free to share with me what's in your bag too. =)

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