Tuesday, September 3, 2013

BeautyPlus App (Android)

Recently I came across this android phone app, BeautyPlus recommended by my friend on facebook.

And I'm really loving one of it's filters, call "Sweet". 

Not only it brightens and smooths out any graininess of your pictures as well as your skin with just 1 click(hee!), it gives this pinkish and sweet hue that makes it look kinda romantic(without looking overly blur and fake). =P

                                   Original                                                           Filter - Sweet             

In fact, dearie's complexion and skin tone is more like so in the filtered picture(he is pretty fair one).

Maybe not super sharp semi-pro/DSLR quality here, but since the pictures are taken with my Samsung Note 2, I'm already pretty satisfied with it. The other 3 filters which I like are; Natural, Fairy, Fresh.

If you wish for more control in skin smoothing, then there is the "Skin" icon, where you can adjust for "Smoother/Whitening/Tone" in varying degrees. I feel the effect is pretty natural too. =)

Edited with BeautyPlus ["Natural" filter + "Enlarger" on right eye(your left)]
Natural eh? Heh!

And I have to say I simply love the "Enlarger(Eye)" function. Not because I love to edit my eyes to be super big(I see no point to edit your pictures until you dont even look like yourself), BUT it's because most of the times when I smile, my eyes will shrink(mi-mi eyes, I'm trying to practice to smile without my eyes shrinking, or at least, have them shrink to the same size. =P) I guess this is pretty common, and I also cant do anything......... But the WORSE thing is, sometimes, not only do they shrink, they become 1 big 1 small. :~( That is just super SAD and UGLY. So I love this function because I can use it to enlarge my right eye(on your left), which is smaller than my left eye, so that they look the SAME size. (=.=)zzz. 

The difference in the appearance of the size is actually because of my double eyelid fold(one is higher while one is more inner). That is why you'll see even though I use the same falsies on both eyes, my left eye(the bigger eye, which is on your right) looks more prominent with "lashes" even though both eyes have the same falsies on. 

Usually I can use makeup to adjust so that they look the same size, but everytime when I smile...one big and one small again........Sigh.......might be the muscles or something..... =( Of course it's not overly obvious until I look like a freak la...but still obvious in pictures lo. By the way, angles means everything in photography. Usually pictures taken in this angle will make your eyes bigger and your face smaller. =P Granted....I dont always take selfies....maybe once in awhile. 

Well, anyway......I'm not one who always take pictures and I doubt the habit of using this app will lasts....but for the time being, I am indeed loving this app because it's very fuss-free and easy to use. Just choose 1 filter, enlarge my right eye by dotting on it once or twice and I'm done. =) Easy peasy. 

By the way, I did not "brighten" my eyes in this picture although there is this function(call Brighten I think) in this app. I suppose somehow the light were captured in my eyes? Hmm..................

If you've followed my blog long enough....you'll know I just prefer the "natural" style....no matter it's make-up...or any other thing else.....because I'm simply...so natural? Lol.

Anyway, I think you'll like this app too, it's free anyway. =) 

Oh by the way, another android app which I like lately is PhotoFancie, which I use to create collages as in my AUG 2013 favorites. I feel it's super flexible as you can control the sizing, the brightness/colour of the pictures as well as control the different sizing and arrangment of the collage size. 

Thanks for reading!

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