Sunday, September 8, 2013

Tips for sensitive and acne-prone skin + recommended products

I've always have sensitive and acne-prone skin. It means skin gets irritated(itchy) and red easily, bumps or pimples just pop out like every alternate day. Although they'll heal, undoubtedly some of them left pigmentations behind, which is super annoying. But recently, I realized I'm blemish free for quite awhile. It has been....few weeks? I am so happy. You might think what's so surprising about that? Well, you dont know the woes of sensitive and acne-prone skin then..............Sigh.....

Here are some tips, if you care to know what works for me. 

1) Reduce irritation for your skin. That means; lesser abrasion with your skin.

a) Dont use cotton wool for any lotions or removal of make-up(except for eyes). Use clean hands to pat lotion instead
b) Dont use brushes to apply foundations/bb-creams. Use clean hands. If you must use brushes, make sure they're very clean
c) Dont use overly harsh products containing high levels of acid or chemicals, which are usually in whitening or firming products. Harmful substances include: mineral oil, parabens, silicone, alcohol. Recommend: TheFaceShop - E’thym O2 Water Detox
d) For removal of makeup, Clarisonic Mia is highly highly recommended to assist. Invest in 1. Use the sensitive brush head instead of the normal one
e) Keep hair away from your face, even when you're sleeping(tie them up in a super super loose pony upwards). Clip up your fringe or use hairband if you're home
f) Always pat dry your skin with clean towels
g) Bubble up any cream/lotion cleanser before putting them on skin. If not, then use foam cleansers as they're the most gentle and mild, like, TheFaceShop Blemish Zero Bubble Foam Cleanser

2) Every person is different. Try ONLY 1 new product at a time, so that you'll know if you're allergic to any chemicals/product/fragrances etc. For example, I'm allergic to Arbutin, which is a whitening ingredient in some products

3) Dont ever touch your face unnecessarily

4) Keep face away from your phone when you're answering calls. Your phone is super dirty with your hands touching it everyday

5) Hydration is the key
Always hydrate your skin well. Only when your skin is well-hydrated, you have lesser problems. If you have oily to combi skin, then choose lotion or gel-based, if you have dry skin then choose emulsion or cream. 

6) Gear towards products which are organic and hypoallergenic or uses natural ingredients, lower chance of allergy but no guarantee as everyone's difference.

7) Try products which can strengthen your immune system(of the skin). For example, TheFaceShop, the Su Hyang Snow Series

8) Alternate between normal products and anti-acne products. The latter usually contains salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide or tea-tree oil

9) If you need to use a scrub, use a gentle one or one which is anti-acne. For example, Garnier - Pure Active 3-in-1 wash/scrub/mask. Remember not to use scrub too frequently because scrubs can make your surface skin layer thinner and thinner, thus making it even more sensitive. Maybe once a week or fortnight is enough. 

10) Use purifying masks once a week or fornight, depending on your skin conditions. A good purifying mask can clear your skin of impurities. A good one will be Origins - Out Of trouble mask

11) Keep your skincare routine simple. Lotions as toners is definitely necessary. Follow up with any 1 hydration emulsion/serum. Dont overload your skin

12) Have enough sleep(8-10hours), and GOOD quality of sleep. If quality of sleep is not good, sleep 12 hours also no use.

13) Be happy and (tryyyy) stress-free (easier said than done, I know)

14) Change your pillow cases more frequently depending on how sensitive/weak your skin is. Maybe once every 3 days etc.

For Make-up
15) Try to gear towards lighter formulas for foundations(for e.g gel-based) or bb-creams so that it's not so taxing for the skin. For example, ZA Total Hydration BB Cream UV White or Bourjois 10 hours sleep effect foundation. Naturally lighter formulas have lesser coverage but it's better for your skin in the long run. 

16) Use more loose powder instead of 2-way cakes(powder foundations) and pressed powers because 2-way cakes and pressed power tend to clog pores more easily and cause more irritations as you're sliding them across your face. For loose powders, you merely pat them on your face, and the finer they are, the better. 2 highly recommended ones are Laura Mercier loose setting powder in translucent and Etude House - Dream On loose powder. 

17) If you need to touch up pressed powder, try a fine, light and translucent one. For e.g, Etude House Dear Girls Be Clear Pact in Peach or Shu Uemura compact

18)) Go make-up free as frequent as you can, but still must apply sunscreen and remove it thereafter. Try lighter ones if possible, like Biore - UV Bright Face Milk.

Of course, some logical tips include remove your makeup totally and completely with cleansing oil or gel; follow up with double cleansing using after Clarisonic Mia and also treating your zits as soon as they pop up; Eat healthy, drink more water etc

Lastly, you might be interested to read more here

Thanks for reading and hope it helps in 1 way or another. 

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