Friday, September 13, 2013

Honey Citron Drink(tea) from Korea

Recently I've been taking this rather frequently. It's texture is like jam with some orange peel. I always mix 1 tablespoon with 3/4 cup of hot water and the rest with cold water. It tastes something like a combi of honey and yuzu. Sweet and a little sour. Refreshing. You can alter the amount according to how sweet/sour you prefer. Oh usually after I finish the first cup, I will add water to it for 2nd round because it(the orange peel etc) still have some flavours. :) Usually I avoid sour drinks at all costs(stomach will pain too), but somehow, this drink(just alittle sour) is perfectly okie for me.

This is good for hangovers. LOL.

And the reason I love it so much is because it soothes my stomach from minor abdominal pains/cramps as well! As I have ULTRA sensitive stomach and irritable bowel, most of time after meals, I will have some adominal pains or diarrhoea, especially after some not super fresh or super clean food. Even my doc advised me before to eat less vegetable rice(菜饭) or chicken rice because usually the food were lying there for many hours already. Instead he ask me to eat those fish soup etc, food which are only cooked prior to ordering. Yes....these are woes of a super sensitive stomach.... If you suspect the freshness of some food....give to me to try first....after 30minutes I'll be able to tell you whether they are fresh. [=.=]'''''''''''''

Usually I will try to endure the pains if its not too serious by having hot water/tea or dearie will rub ointment (风油) on my tummy. The former usually dont have much effect. The latter can have some help. :P I'll take pills if it's really painful. But I will say this honey citron drink works wonder! This is definitely something which I will bring to travel and something which will always be in my fridge.

I bought it at S$15 for 2 big tubs from Beaute Spring; which I thought is pretty expensive. But it's from Korea and has a rather exquisite flavour which I cant find elsewhere. :)

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