Wednesday, September 18, 2013

DIY Salmon Sashimi And Prawn salad in sesame dressing

Dearie: dear you sick, pleaseeeee leave the housework alone k...come back I do.
Me: Orh ♥♥♥ 

Soooo sweet right? But anyway, he say also no use. I will still do it. Haha. The simple ones of washing dishes....I think the floor have to wait till I get better...

Time to update some food entries before I forgot about them.... Some time back I tried the Seafood Sashimi from Shokudo and I thought it tasted so good! (I requested for only salmon and prawn)

Succulent prawns and the fresh salmon sashimi!!! BUT!!
The star is actually the dressing!!! Which is the sesame dressing!!!(not yet mix in)
It is oh-so-good!!

SO! I've decided to DIY myself at home. It looks pretty easy enough.

Added tobiko myself(to the salad). :P Was really lemming for japanese food so I lugged a small box of baby octopus(Chuka lidako) to eat alongside my salad. I didnt mix into it because I thought the taste wont really match. Wasabi MUST be around to accompany my salmon from time to time. =P

All these were bought from NTUC Fineness. However I dont remember where I bought my existing Mizkan Sesame dressing from, my apologies. It looks brownish in colour. Thing to note is it has a very short expiry date, maybe few months, so make sure to finish it before it expires. It tastes great!! Has a hint of wasabi flavour too. 

Because I'm lazy, I did a rather HUGE portion of salad, which is good enough for 2 meals. I used 2 packs of salad veges, 2 boxes of salmon and prawns each and 1 box of tobiko, with generous amount of sesame dressing!!

1) Leave the salmon and tobiko in the fridge first(the chiller section, not freezer)
2) Heat up a teaspoon of olive oil and then stir fry garlic bits to fragrant
3) After washing the prawns, toss in to stir fry
4) Meanwhile, wash the vege with clean water and TOSS THEM DRY DRY DRY!
5) Remove prawns from wok(just few minutes actually will do) and let to COOL
6) After cooling, add vege and prawns together in a salad bowl and drench sesame dressing(amount to your liking) to mix
7) Distribute salmon slices in random and spoon some sesame dressing over them (Note: Do not overly mix the salmon or salad now as the salmon may go bad faster as it's raw)
8) Drizzle with tobiko and serve!!!

Keep in the fridge(naturally) if you cant finish. And please finish it within 6-8 hours(Good enough for me, I get hungry in around 3-4hours). Very yummy and easy to prepare!!! Although yeah I reckon it's not very cheap but hell, still cheaper than the outside Japanese restaurants right? =P Recently gained weight(I think) with those mooncakes. Time to restraint abit. ALTHOUGH I know the sesame dressing is not very cholesterol healthy...but I hope the vege and salmon makes up for it. Lol. My advice is still go for Cold Storage if it's around in your neighbourhood because I always feel their food/vege is fresher, although slightly more expensive. Too bad not 1 in my neighbourhood. Lucky you ones out there.

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