Sunday, September 1, 2013

My naughty and vain Vickki

Photo: 它就是这样培 daddy. Keke!

Under the writing desk
它就是这样培 daddy de(as well as me sometimes =)

Vickki's temperament is so....unlike normal dogs I feel. They always say the dog's personality take on the owner. Yeah I rather feel we are so alike in many ways. It's amazing that even our taste buds is so similar. The food I dont eat, she also dont eat; for e.g, corn, carrots, green peas etc. That undoubtedly is such a waste since I have to throw them away as WE die die dont eat them. Of course I dont specially go buy the food which I dont like but these are the few common stuff which are ALWAYS in fried rice. Like WHY huh??? Sometimes when I give her my food, for e.g, that fried rice, she'll pick out the rice to eat but stubbornly left all the corn/carrots/green peas behind. Dearie saw it and was astounded, "Wah lau why her pattern exactly like you?" Lol

Anyway that was last time; we hardly feed her human food especially rice now after I realized she got yeast infection. I'm sorry for giving her such a boring diet but simply because there's too many things she's allergic to.

Her temperament can be as different as night and day. Sometimes she can be so affectionate(performing "lion dance" for you when you're back home), sometimes just subtly tender(like the above picture, simply stays close to you quietly) but yet can be so attitude and dao1(haughty) when she's grumpy or something(wont come to you no matter how many times you call her). She's very smart and knows exactly what should be done and what shouldnt so. But yet when she's throwing a tantrum to get attention, she will deliberately do them(like shitting on the floor instead of in the toilet or pee tray) and then stay still to let you smack while still looking like a queen. That expression, was classic~ She wont even run. She'll just stay still and look at you defiantly. She's very smart at picking up what we prefer her to do, somehow. She has always been playpen/pee-tray trained. But some time after, we prefer her to do her business in the common toilet as it's easier to clean up with less hassle. And she picked it up after few days that we PREFER her to use the toilet. Lol. 

Back at my old house, I even let her up my bed. After some time, I went out. After I'm back, I simply shoo her down my bed(I cant sleep with her as I have asthma, afraid of her fur) and slept on my own(my pillows were still at their usual positions lying down). Guess what, the next morning I woke up and plopped UP my pillows, then I realized there is her SHIT under my pillow. *faint* Dont ask me why I didnt smell anything, maybe somehow the shit had dried up or something...or maybe I'm simply too shag to notice.....Nahz....whichever is the case, apparently she plopped UP my pillows, SHIT, then use my pillows to hide her SHIT in a very "natural" way(my pillows were at my normal sleeping positions, that's why I didnt feel anything amiss)

Can you imagine her nerve???!!! 
Then imagine my wrath!!!

She always attract lots of attention from strangers. Like when I'm strolling with her on the streets/park, people will just come and cuddle her. (=.=)'''' Even dogs will run towards her despite their owner's commands and smell her etc. And she's like not the least afraid. But neither is she passionate. She'll simply stop walking and look with curious eyes. She's mostly cool to strangers(not friendly but not unfriendly either). And is only passionate to me, dearie, mummy, Xiang brother and my dear neighbour who dotes on her so much. My neighbour, a very kind auntie, has 2 Maltese on her own. Once in awhile, she will buy Vickki toys. She most probably feel I'm ill-treating Vickki. Lol. 

I cant tell you how vain she is actually. Actually she's more vain in the past, since she's like 6 years old this year already. Last time, when I snap pictures of her, she will purposely lean her weight on 1 leg, making some sort of a pose. Just like human like that lor. Damn funny! Just like this picture below, she was 2 years old then. =)

See her legs? Posing OK!

Then hor, whenever I'm snapping pictures of something, she will insists coming into the picture despite I continuously gently pushed her away. (=.=)''' Zzzz Just like this picture.

(P/S Vickki insists on coming into the picture. See her determined face? =P)
Eventually I relented and let her stay inside the pic. (=.=)'''''''''''''


Shorter haircut - innocent look

Now that she's older, she's less vain. She will be less enthu if we snap pictures of her. She always have the habit of swinging her tail(in a wiper sort-of way, left right left right) ALL DAY LONG especially when she's lying on the floor. When I snap pictures of her, I will usually say, "One....two....three!" then I snap. Then despite looking all bo-chup and disinterested, SOMEHOW her tail will stay STILL in the middle at the count of "three". It's as though somehow she knows we're snapping her pictures so her tail will stop swinging for that 2 seconds. As soon as the pic is taken, she will continue to swing her tail like a wiper. I tried this few times liao, always like that. And it only works when you're using a camera to snap her pic. She dont really recognize a handphone. I meant to video the whole thing but she's too smart for that; she will continue to swing her tail despite the count of 3. Dearie said it might be because camera will have some lights when a pic is taken(even with no flash)? Maybe one of us have to secretly video her when one is snapping her pic. Only then the whole scene can be recorded.

Damn funny la! I other pet can ever take her place because she's just so unique in her own ways....hope she can live as long as I do...

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