Thursday, July 25, 2013

*Updated* Another accident by SMRT Buses drove by PRC

UPDATED (8pm 21 July 2013. Added second statement of SMRT)

One man died and two others were injured after an SMRT bus overturned on Dairy Farm Road towards the Bukit Timah Expressway Sunday morning.

Footage captured on STOMPer Chin Tian's camera shows the SMRT bus skidding past his car -- which narrowly missed being rammed into -- before it overturned at the junction of Bukit Timah Expressway and Dairy Farm Road.

The accident took place last Sunday morning (Jul 21). A 19-year-old male bus passenger was killed while the driver and the only other passenger on board 700A were sent to the National University Hospital for treatment.

The 39-year-old driver, a China national, said he had stepped on the brakes to decrease the bus' speed, but the bus "suddenly went crazy" and its speed kept climbing despite four attempts.

Chin Tian said:

"I witnessed the SMRT bus accident at Dairy Farm Road during my driving, at around 8am plus.

"My car was nearly hit by the SMRT bus.

"From the video shown, the SMRT bus had been going at a speed of at least 100km/h from BKE Exit 2, all the way down till it hit the kerb, lost control, skidded into the other lane and crashed.

"I heard a loud bang too."

SMRT announced in a statement that the bus driver, who has been driving service 700 since July 2012 has a clean service record.

SMRT also said that the bus driver had more than the required 8-hour rest period between his shifts prior to the accident.

The bus involved in the accident was last maintained on June 21 and was given a clean bill of health, with no brake or steering-related problems noted during the inspection, SMRT added.

Stupid f*cker PRC driver drove machiam he's in a F1 race!

1 dead 2 injured, again. And no wonder. They drive like that. Can cut nails while driving also.

To SMRT: Do you know your drivers are driving too damn fast???!!! And too recklessly!! Our dear Singaporeans are dying one by one!! If you're working in SMRT, please have a heart and feedback and only employ safe and dedicated drivers and NOT cheap ones from PRC. You'll never know if one day it's your own family members end up dead from an accident like this then you'll cry!

Can we really have a month without any deaths.............Singapore has never used to be like that...........Sigh...........

I'm really worried that one day it's my own family members being caught up in such an accident. Because they could be taking buses or just crossing the roads............ Even if we're travelling in cars on the roads, accidents with such reckless bus drivers can also happen and cause deaths or injury. This is really not funny nor small matter. The number of accidents are going up, so are the number of deaths or injured parties. We read them on news almost everyday. Some of you might be reading with a pinch of salt, but it wont be the least bit easy for their family members at all. Everyday I'm saddened and angered by such news but I kept telling myself I shouldnt be that emotional because life has to go on and everything. But still, I'm just like that.

And do you know actually your vote somehow determines their life and death, indirectly, somehow, in some way.

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