Wednesday, July 10, 2013

*Edited with update to product received* Alldealsasia deal - Authentic CHANEL makeup/parfumes pouches

My latest email to alldealsasia.


In regards to this deal;
REDEEM NOW! Authentic 3 Piece Chanel Makeup Storage Pouch (Worth $288...

I purchased this deal around mid Jun and I only just received it today. Very disappointed to realize it's not the same as in picture. In fact, it's very different, for the 1 of the 3 pouches, which is the biggest pouch.

The original picture of the pouches in the DEAL is like that. With words in PINK.

REDEEM NOW! Authentic 3 Piece Chanel Makeup Storage Pouch (Worth $288). Courier Delivery to your Doorstep.

But I received this.

The biggest pouch clearly dont have words in pink, in fact, it's pretty ugly with the hardly visible CHANEL being embossed on the pouch. Somehow the PDF file of the deal in my account is BLANK, why?? But thank god I saved the picture because I actually blogged about it in my personal blog, encouraging my friends to buy, here

HENCE, please either contact me to REPLACE the biggest pouch WITH what was as promised in the picture in the deal, or else REFUND me the FULL amount(with which they can collect the un-used pouches from me).
Please take note the FAULT lies with the MERCHANT, and NOT me. So please ask them to take responsibility to replace/send/collect the item from me INSTEAD of asking me to mail them back myself.

I trust ADA to give me a satisfactory answer. Thank you!




Meanwhile, be careful if you're somehow buying products from this merchant(if you can possibly know)

They can shamelessly mail out products which look entirely different with what were promised; it says so much about their integrity. 

What a waste of my time, and money.


Entry below blogged on 15th JUN 2013

I bought these authentic Chanel makeup/parfumes pouches from alldealsasia for only S$39!! Arent they adorable?? They're in glossy PU leather with the brand name in PINK. So sweet!!! I STILL love my Rilakkuma makeup pouch given to me by dear Gra on 1 of my birthdays and I've used it for YEARS. Until it's kinda dirty inside already. Lol. But I will still keep it!! This lass is the sweetest. She ALWAYS buy stuffs I love(I love etc. =P). She also gave me the limited edition of DKNY golden delicious(apple) perfume last year, which is another of my favorite scent(green apple). I haven use yet though(Dont bear to use!!). I really really appreciate friends who buy birthday pressies for me with my heart(有我的心! Awwww!!) Love you much!!!

I'm quite a sucker for matching stuff(I always match my shoes/bags with my attire too) so I thought they're perfect to use with my Chanel GST. =D

REDEEM NOW! Authentic 3 Piece Chanel Makeup Storage Pouch (Worth $288). Courier Delivery to your Doorstep.

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