Sunday, July 21, 2013

DBS/POSB credit cards' bureau SUCKS!!

DBS actually saw this entry and emailed me about it.

This is NOT the first time when I reached home and got all pissed up when what I want is just to bathe and rest. Previously, DBS/POSB always send me bills very late. It's like, I always receive my bills around 3 to 4 weeks later than the date of the bill. Which of course, everytime I have to pay almost immediately, just so not to incur the late charges, which I closely avoided each time. Once in a while I will missed it, I will call to waive. They will waive it but it's very troublesome. I feedback about the late mailing of the mail and they said they will improve it. Yes, they did for awhile. But now, it's even worse!

NOW, somehow, DBS/POSB always missed sending out 1 bill like every quarterly. It means, every 3months or so, I will simply missed 1 bill consisting of total expenses for 2 cards(which I never notice because I have quite a few cards from other bands as well) and then got welcome with the following subsequent bill which now had 2months of expenses being snowballed and combined into ONE BILL for TWO cards. What's more, even when the bill is dated 17th July 2013, and I saw it today, being 20th July 2013, they HAVE the cheek to demand IMMEDIATE payment for BOTH CARDS even it's the first time I ever saw an outstanding bill!

Previous outstanding balance: S$XXX

What?? When?? HOW??

I totally dont know because I didnt receive that "previous outstanding" bill at all!!

And then, there will be late charges la, finance charges la, being charged on top of the bill.

So I've feedback to the CS before on their hotline and they always blamed it on SingPost. And then they said, "Oh We have 2 cycles bla bla will always mail on when-when-when and when-when-when and you usually will receive on when-when-when and when-when-when. I said, "Hello, you think you're the only bank which has credit card services?? I have many other cards from many banks. Am I supposed to always check, "Hey has OCBC bill arrived? They're supposed to mail me on 10th. Oh and has CITIBANK bill come? I should receive it on the 15th. And hey, DBS/POSB bank haven mail me my bill!! I'm supposed to call and REMIND THEM to send me my bill??!!"

OH PLEASE!! I know all banks rely mainly on late finance charges for their margin but BY NOT SENDING your customers' bills AT ALL and then charging them for not paying up IS really carrying the "business" too far!!

THEN, they asked me to opt for e-statements but I dont want because I dont check my personal email account on a regular basis unless I know I have important mails. Why should the responsibility LIE on ME to check my EMAIL so as to PAY my bills? Common, we go like this. I get your credit card, swipe it, you pay for me first, you try to earn my money by betting that I cant pay you back or pay you late. That's it! That's the game. If I need to use your card plus constantly remembering whether you send me your bill or constantly checking my email so that I do not missed your god damn bill, then seriously your card isnt that damn worth it! I can bloody pay cash myself. And what's more, I have credit cards from other banks as well too.

So I still insisted on paper mailing. They even said they will track my mail and make sure I did receive it and if so, on time. And yes for that month and the following month, no problem. BUT, when the 3rd or 4th month come again, the same shit happens again!! This is like the 3rd time!!
Oh yes, maybe SingPost can lose the mail once. Or maybe, I can (somehow)miss the bill once myself. But 3 times?? All from DBS/POSB bank?? How is it even possible? Moreover, I always either pay the bills straight away or else stick them onto my kitchen fridge with magnets. Nothing gets lost. Nothing gets missed. Because I see my giant bloody fridge in my open-space kitchen ALL THE TIME.

You can always say "Hell, cancel the cards!"
But POSB Everyday card gives me 3% rebates on WATSON's purchases, and being a shopaholic at Watson, 3% can be a very big amount. BHG card too, (used to) offers 5% rebates on all BHG's purchases which I use everytime during BHG sales.

While I'm thinking of substituting these cards with other cards which holds the same benefits, I had no choice but to opt for e-statements for the time-being. Meanwhile, I think I will stop using these cards. But really, I wonder if this is the way for DBS/POSB to earn all those late/finance charges or simply to FORCE their customers to opt for e-statements so that they can cut down on costings. Why, if they can blame SingPost, why I have NEVER receive my OCBC and Standard Chartered banks credit cards bills late???? While some other banks do sometimes mail bills out slightly later(but not overboard, usually still have 1 or 1.5weeks allowance to pay the bill) but they never MISSED mailing out any bill at all.

I asked the DBS/POSB CS officer that question and she cant answer me at all.

Oh well, now, any good recommendations on any other cards worth getting, which are NOT from the DAMN BLOODY STUPID(DBS) Bank?
(FYI, I currently have NTUC Plus(black colour card from ocbc), UOB One card, CITI Dividend, which are the main ones I use)

(Disclaimer: Everything expressed in this entry is purely my personal experience and opinions. It is not meant to mislead anyone for anything and I will not hold any responsibility for any assumptions drawn from it. )

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