Tuesday, July 23, 2013

借用一下你的愛 - Sweet, funny, touching drama with a twist

I've finished this drama for quite some time and still thought about it from time to time. Reason being, I really enjoy this drama and there are many memorable scenes and engaging twists and scenes in the story which left deep impressions on me.
I'm seldom one who can finish a drama serial. If it fails to catch my interest in the 1st few episodes, I will usually just discontinue it. I usually don't like Taiwanese dramas because of a few reasons,
1) Plot is so ridiculously meaningless or standard, boring storyline duplicates, 2) Dialogues are long and mushy, 3) The cast cant act.
For this show, you can be sure these 3 negative points are missing. =) In fact, I'm pleasantly surprised there are actually young and gorgeous Taiwanese stars who can act. =) As you watched too many dramas from HK/TW/PRC etc, you will realize, for e.g, this drama's storyline is so similiar to another. But 借用一下你的愛 is really one of a kind; I've never watched a similar plot before, not even in HK drama.
This is 28 episodes long(or 14 episodes of 1.5hours each) and if I can finish it, it's certainly engaging and recommendable. 借用一下你的愛 is a Taiwanese drama with lots of different values. There are loyal friendship, sweet love, touching family ties as well as revenge twists etc. And it's pretty funny throughout the show too. I'm pretty sure you will enjoy it. You will laugh but you may cry too.

Here are some of the main casts. They are all oh-so-cute in their own way.  Especially 謝平安(朱芯儀) 飾演)

I've always know her to be the host alongside Shotgun in 麻辣天后宫.
Never knew she can act so well! She looks so much prettier and cuter in the drama too as compared to in the variety show.

What can I say? My eye candy at all times. :P

Initially I find this pretty girl so familiar. Then I realized she's the MV lead in many of Jay Chou's MTVs, like Fa Ru Xue and Qing Hua Ci. Quite surprised she can act fairly well with her short experience in dramas.

First time see him in a drama but fairly good acting too.

A very distinctive character in the show.

Happy watching!!


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