Thursday, July 18, 2013

The other day - Lao Jiang Superior Kway Teow Soup 老江一品粿条汤

Always my comfort food. 鲍鱼和虾粿条汤
Abalone and prawns(only) kway teow/beehoon soup(around S$8+), with a top up of abalone slices(鲍片) at S$3.
Lovely soup base, lovely abalone. Hee.
Prawn paste chicken 虾酱鸡(S$6 I think) and fried fish strips 炸小鱼条(S$4 maybe) also equally good.
Crispy and fresh. I dont like fried chicken wings with the stale chicken smell.

Lao Jiang Superior Kway Teow Soup 老江一品粿条汤

2, Cheong Chin Nam Road (opposite Beauty World Centre at Bukit Timah), Singapore, Singapore 599727

Phone6465 2660

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