Wednesday, July 17, 2013

On an emo day at Lot 1 - Emo Summer haul from Etude House, Watson, Sasa

It's not call emo without a reason and it's not call retail therapy without a reason. 

Despite admitting that I did bought more stuff than I usually will(I EMO can).....I'm pretty pleased with my buys. They're either products which I'm very keen to try, to have discounts etc. Here's a brief description for all but I'll definitely re-mention them again if they're good. This haul is mostly bought for the summer. While everybody says Singapore is summer all year round, there's still a difference. Like my makeup gets less long-lasting and my nose starts getting shiny for no apparent reason. When skin gets more oily, pores get enlarged too. In short, for summer makeup, keep it less, light and simple to prevent/reduce breakups due to clogging of pores. 

The splurge from Etude House is because somehow they keyed in July as my birthday month in my member's card and I get to enjoy double points....the points can use to offset future purchases....okie, let's just say it's like I got a 10% off on top of the freebies.

Etude House

All the baby pink and blue packaging is so kawaii.
The 6 masks are free gifts though. I got a pink and white stripes umbrella too. 

I'm Blooming Brightening Mist: Hmm....mists are great as toner as well as offering hydration when you're in a rush

Dear Girls Be Clear BB cream with SPF 30 PA+++: I'm looking for a lighter BB cream to use in this hot summer as I felt the BB creams I currently own are kinda too thick to bear in the hot, humid weather. This felt light on my hand, brightens and evens out skin tone, with whitening properties - perfect.  

Pore ever primer: Trying out this primer for summer as it gives a pretty matt finish. 

Wonder Pore Corrector: This is very interesting, comes with a metal tip, which feels great when you use it massage the pore-refining essence(by squeezing the tube) onto your skin. Pores on hand disappeared, and feels matt. I think it might even doubles as a primer. 

Lash Serum: Oh well, just S$9.90...thought I just give it a try

Dear Girls Be Clear Pact: Oil control pressed powder. I so need oil-control for this summer. Only 1 colour, peach. Provides almost no coverage, just what I want. Love the tiny and compact size, great for carrying out.
Face Designing Brightening: Highlighter in colour: cutie-face, which is a pearly white colour. Like the thin compact, however, hope it's smaller so that it's easier to bring out. 

Clockwise(in a way)
I'm back to using Biore sun block in the white bottle for oil control for this summer. 

I bought the sleek pink eyeliner because it's a super-slim, felt-tip eyeliner and it's so compact to bring out. I wish to keep makeup lighter in all aspects for summer and that means a thinner eye liner drawn quickly and fuss-free.

The Pink tube of mascara is cute, Lash Curler Express, it says it makes your eyelashes curl without needing an eyelash curler. We'll see.

Sally Hansen nail polish in colour: Bride to be

Some hello kitty masks and some facial masks  

Fiberwig Extra Long Mascara - I tried and I was impressed. The only bad point is, like with all fiber products, they're not waterproof.
F.O.X One touch Blush: Super Kawaii(See below).  

 The top is a mirror. Simply unscrew to release a sponge. It's super pigmented and a super gorgeous coral colour which made me scream. It looks power-ish but feels like it's from mousse to powder. 

Also bought some panties and a tank top from Cotton On.

At Food fair! First time see food fair in a shopping center selling crabs! They are from House Of Seafood, which I really never hear before. I seriously considered for a full minute infront of the stall, looking at the tray of pre-cooked chilli crabs. Because I have very high expectations of crabs. But I finally relented buying 1 crab at S$19.60. Which consists of 1 big claw, 1 small claw and well with 8 legs lah. I'll say, the crab size is slightly small to normal. Also topped up S$2 for 3 buns.

Boy, am I surprised with the crabbies! I regretted not buying more! Granted that they are pre-cooked, they wont taste as amazing as those freshly cooked ones at Melben. BUT after microwaving them for 30seconds, they're really not bad!! The taste, the gravy, pretty good. The buns goes well with the gravy too, though of course couldnt be compared to freshly fried buns la. Texture of crab might be a little mushy but I reckon the restaurant's standard should be not bad too. I will pull dearie to try them next time, I dont suppose their queue can be worse than Melbens.

I did left half for hubby, which he complained about the meat being mushy. He's sure more picky than me. 

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