Thursday, July 11, 2013

Bali Trip in May 2013 (Part 2) - Sense Hotel - Water Rafting, Dinner at The Legends

To continue from Bali Part 1.

And so, the guys spent quite some time to reassure us on taking up water rafting, which made me kinda embarrassed that I'm such a pain in the ass. I was willing to give it a try....dont wish to be a spoilt sport...although I did have some funny and scary imaginations. =P And so, the next day, after  some unfruitful shopping near our hotel(stuff all so expensive! Humph!), we had a short swim in our hotel, Sense Hotel(you can refer to the last entry for pictures etc). Just so I can get myself re-acquainted with water again. After the swim, we had our free 1 hour massage + body scrub + flower bath by the hotel. But it wasnt really impressive. The service of the massage was real sloppy and the only thing which I enjoyed was the flower bath in the huge bathtub. Because our room dont have any.

After the dis-satisfactory massage, we were really hoping for a good one so we tried searching for some classy ones outside our hotel. However, we really didnt expect all are fully booked. So disappointed. We settled for massage at 1 sloppy parlor which was absolutely horrible. I was almost fully naked in the small cubicle with only curtains as doors but the masseur was busily going in and out of my cubicle ALL the time. I was so dangerously exposed frequently whenever I saw light shining in. I was SO PISSED and I finally spoke in a very displeased tone, "Can you dont keep go in and out?!!!" Finally she concentrated on massaging me, but with sticky hands. Urgghhhh!! It's the most disgusting massage of my whole life. Sooooooo, please book your massages with other reputable massage spas early.

After the horrible massage, we went to a small, humble cafe for dinner nearby on Jy's recommendation which serves really really good food. Opps sorry dont know the cafe name. All the dishes were SO NICE and were pretty reasonable pricing. Of course if compare with Ku De Ta, it will be deemed super cheap. The only dish I dont like are the huge BBQ prawns, they were much too mushy.

The next day we went to the beach. Here are some pictures taken at sunset. =D Pictures are not edited for brightness so as to show the real beach and sunset scenery. =)

Haha Smallest foot is mine

While the sand is soft....I still feel it's better to wear shoes. I got some really terrible bites on my ankles and lower leg. Super itchy and painful. They left super ugly marks which until now still haven fade. *Very sad*

As the sun sets......................... =)

Zoom in

Through my sunglasses........the sky turned a beautiful purple and pink!!

We were so hungry and settled at the nearby The Legends for dinner. It was strangely quiet and deserted.

Still.............a very tranquil and lovely place with serenity......

Finally an amuse bouche for us. The bread was very very nice, served warm.
Rey had a few helpings. 

Review of The Legends(Bali):
Basically to sum it off, only Joh's steak left an impression on me. It was good. The other dishes were all not lousy but didnt really impress me. But the prices were pretty affordable with the ambiance and scenery being really soothing and relaxing. The service was kinda lousy though. We had to ask again and again for ice water and the waitress kept press us to order (alcoholic)drinks. She really didnt stop until ALL of us had our orders. Rey was the last and she asked him at least 3 times before he finally ordered. Sometimes we merely wish to order drinks AFTER our meal and she didnt get that. And after our first round of wines, she will continue to press us for 2nd round which really became a tad annoying. I also got a few more insect bites while sitting there.

Therefore, I dont recommend it.

The guys did sourced a few water-rafting activities but eventually simply settled with booking with the hotel. I dont know if the price was considered reasonable or not(S$100 per pax for the water rafting including a lousy dinner, top up some more for the almost 2 hours transport up the hill) but the guys said it's safer this way as the one introduced by the hotel is more reputable. It means, the water-rafting boats are not super old, have proper life-jackets etc. Some super cheap ones might compromise on safety. Since it's a water sport, we did not bring any cameras etc so didnt manage to snap any pictures. But actually, it's possible to bring along. Because they have a water-proof bag to keep in the boat. But of course nothing is guaranteed...if the boat overturn, maybe you'll lose your stuff.

The boys who guided us were pretty cheeky and funny. And apart from us, there were also a few other boats full of tourists, we go one after another. Sometimes they splashed water on us and we splashed back for fun. =P But seriously, the water rafting is really nothing much's way too...."safe" and "predictable", not tantamount at all. The water is so shallow(okie in a way, safe) that it only reaches the knee. What was REAL TRAUMATIZING are the 600 STEPS DOWN which lead to the river and the 300 STEPS UP which lead us back up to where we need to catch the transport again. MY LEGS ALMOST BROKE and I strongly suspected it's all this which nearly got me into an ASTHMA SEIZURE. IT WAS NO FUN!!!

Seriously, if I know the steps beforehand, hell, I would have skip this water-rafting. I'm so serious. Crazy. When I came back Singapore, I couldnt walk for 1week plus!! The muscularache was very very serious that even pain relieving cream cant help.

All in all, I had an awesome Bali trip with few of my best friends!!! Thanks so much guys. Maybe we can try out another holiday destination soon!! So wish that day can come soon!!

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