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Bali Trip in May 2013 (Part 1) - Sense Hotel, Ku De Ta(Bali)

Phew! This entry is super over due! The trip was in May. ZzzZzz. I almost forgot about it until I used the camera on last Sun, which is Ken & Karen's wedding. From like over a hundred pictures, I managed to "condense and concentrate" into a more manageable number for a blog entry. =P

Firstly, our Bali trip was super super cheap! A total of 5 of us, Kel & Joh, Rey and Jy, I'm super ecstatic to have this trip, along with 2 of my besties. I know we all have family commitments and it has been kinda difficult to meet up. So I'm very thankful that finally a trip was organized! I've never went to Bali before but Kel said we had a very good deal. With her recommendations, we purchased some airtix and hotel deals, which totaled less than S$300 for a 5days 4 nights! 

We cant have any checked in luggage though, only a 7kg hand-carry. It's my 1st time doing a no luggage flight and I got to transfer shampoo/shower foam/makeup remover etc into my small bottles due to the amount limit. No sharp items like scissors or shavers too. Thanks to my Elos, I dont need them anyway, can totally stay hair-free for more than 5days. =D

We stayed at Sense Hotel which we're pretty satisfied with. =)

I love the outdoor feel. You can totally lie there and enjoy the sun. The pool is pretty short and narrow though. It was so funny. I think that angmor swam few strokes then reached the opposite side liao. Well, you can always swim 100 laps. Haha! Pool is standard depth, only for height 1.5m tall and above only. HENG ah.........almosttttt cant swim in it. =P

The first floor's rooms with clear glass doors is the spa area. Apart from the very good deal we purchased for 4nights, we also got a free 1 hour massage with scrub, and flower bath. I simply love  the spa room and the big tub(because no tub in room)!! But the massage and scrub were pretty sloppy. Well, free one lah so dont hiam. =P

The breakfast area. The continental breakfast was actually pretty good(if you compare with standard hotels). But not much variety. 

View from our room. Ya technically you can just jump down from the window into the pool.
Of course I'm totally kidding~ Why you no sense of humor~ =P

Our beds!! Not bad at all!!! Fluffy pillows and bed. I slept SO WELL and I'm notorious for being fussy with foreign beds. Just that the toilet pretty small lah, especially the basin. Shared the room with dear Jy. =)

I dont realllllllllyyyy remember in details exactly how we spent the 5 days 4 nights...but if I'm not wrong(according to the pictures sequence)......the first night, we simply loitered out from our hotel and after walking around 20minutes or so, we reached Ku De Ta to have our dinner!

Funny like how they have their own clothings shop. =P

Pretty lights. Still testing out my pretty-new camera for night shots.

Actually it was really pretty dark. And the road which we walked from the hotel was also full of humps and bumps, so best is to wear flat covered shoes. 

This side was so empty. We were ushered to another side, supposedly the dining area where there are proper tables and chairs. 

If the menu confuses you, the numbers are in hundreds of thousands in Rupiah. Say the mains, braised short rib is written as 300 in the menu, it means 300,000 Rupiah, which is around S$38. One hundred thousand Rupiah is around S$13. 

Joh & Kel, the lovely couple

I took sooOOoo many shots of this beautiful couple with different modes and only 1 turned out to be okay(I'm so sorry!!!). (=.=)'''''''''''''' 
I think I'll just stick with intelligent auto in future..... =|

Some of the different mains taken with my camera. Meh~ I know. Still testing out lah.

General Review of Ku De Ta(Bali):
Top left: Complimentary bread
Top Right: Seafood Medley
Middle: Steak
Bottom left: Duck confit
Bottom Right: Cod

We had an unanimous review. That is, they all tasted absolutely delicious!! My cod is kinda salty but still okay. At least not bland. The prawn from the Seafood Medley might be slightly tough. That's about it. Slightly disappointed that we werent served any amuse bouche but I must say the portion of mains were really substantial! We got so full that we cant order any dessert at all.  We did exchange our food for tasting and I felt the steak was the best, followed by my cod. =D

Apart from the bottle of white wine we ordered, we adjourned to the outdoor area(sandy beach) overlooking the sea and managed to squeeze in 1 or 2 drinks(like beer etc). It was pretty hot and humid but still considered comfortable being lounged in the huge day bed, sheltered by ultra big umbrellas. 

Bliss, so blissful. A feeling which you cant get anywhere in Singapore, no matter which hotel you stay or how much you spend. =) Of course, I have great company too! =D

These 2 smoke addicts hor........the moment they reach any outdoor areas, they'll start puffing away. Joh tried the cigar from Ku De Ta. Hoots! Not expensive though, around S$20.

Errrrrrrrr..................use sala camera mode. Then became like that. Got FLAMES manz!!
Funky Rey with Sexy Jy! Rey always look like lobster everytime after his drinks. Haha!

Dont know what he so cheeky about?? Happy that I'm snapping picture of him? Bleh!~
I'm the photographer mah~ Dont think too much. Hahaha!

I dont know why he smiled so cheekily again. ZzzzZzzz.

Really really really really hope the 3 of us can remain besties for the rest of our life! =D

I asked Rey and Jy to 5-lian2-pai1(5 multiple cute shots)
They are really good manz!! So funny, cute and natural!!!

Super duper cute right??!!!! =D

We also tried. But I'm really kinda limited poses...duhz. LOL. Need to practice more!!!

Poor waitress had to keep snapping us.........poor thing...... Lol.

Thanks so much're so kind to endure our act-cute faces.......Lol....

I told them we're from Malaysia though. HAHAHA! I'm so kidding! Jy is from Malaysia and she joked to the waitress, "Nono, we're from Singapore." Muahahaha!! (Jy said that as if the waitress heard me, but she didnt hear me because I was only whispering as I'm joking only =D) Alamak! We should have said "我们是中国来的(we're from China)!!!" =PPPPPP

Oh, then we started to discuss what to do the next day! Then the guys started proposing snorkelling....water rafting...and other adventurous water sports........which genuinely got me worried!! Because I'm afraid of water lah....although I do know how to swim(but like tortoise). But I really applaud their patience and kind understanding as they finally decided on water rafting, which is the least dangerous and they took a long long time to explain the safe as well as the dangerous side of the water sport to us girlies. In fact, Kel and Jy dont know how to swim at all. But maybe I've heard too much tragic water accidents already so I'm the most paranoid. =P

I tell you...we're simply glistening with sweat and least for me.  (=.=)'''''''''''''' 

Somehow I feel Rey and Jy simply looked as if they belong to the beach! 
Tanned, sporty and sexy! Wee-o-weet!!

Cheers!!!!! Huat ah!!!!!! We girls had San Miguel, Rey had Mojito. 
Joh haven even finished his glass of white wine during the dinner. (=.=)''''''''''''

Shiok!!! Definitely recommend a visit to Ku De Ta in Bali. The alcohol were considered cheap. The food were reasonably priced with their huge portions. Only their wine are slightly pricier. The cheapest bottle(which we had) was around S$120. Our total bill 3.4million rupiah. HAHAHA!!

To be continued......................

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