Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Stupid PRCS get the F out of my country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Woman slashed to death: 3 traumatised witnesses move out of CCK flat
Three female tenants, believed to have witnessed a woman being slashed to death, were so traumatised that they moved out of Choa Chu Kang flat on the afternoon (Jul 7) the incident happened.

According to a report in Shin Min, all the three tenants were at home when the slashing incident took place.

One of the tenants sent an SMS and called her friend numerous times between 2.39am to 3.41am on Sunday to inform him of the incident. 

Her friend, Mr Yang, was sleeping and did not pick up the calls.

In an interview with Shin Min yesterday (Jul 8), Mr Yang said that Ms Zhang Jie who was slashed shouted out to one of the tenants for help to call the police.

Mr Yang also mentioned that Ms Zhang and her boyfriend, the suspect, had been dating for around three to four years.

He added that he had not heard of any recent conflicts between the couple who have known each other since they were in school.

Shin Min also reported that the flat was splattered with blood and there were two bloody footprints found at the scene.

The cleaners were seen cleaning up the corridor that had two pools of blood on the floor and blood splatter on the wall.

Some of the neighbors were worried that the blood along the corridor will cause trauma to their children and kept them away from the unit.

NOT the first time already!!! Somehow these PRC ladies always get slashed up by their boyfriends!! I wonder WHY!!! Why not SG ladies? Why not Malaysian ladies? Why not Filipino ladies? Isnt it the obvious?? Before they come, we HARDLY have such first degree murders as well as fatal traffic accidents. Murders only occur like few times per year and most of them being Indians. NOW, EVERYDAY got bad news. The PRC b*tches broke up couples and families everyday, played with old men's CPF and cheat all their feelings cum money and end up getting chopped into pieces by their angry boyfriends. SERVES THEM GOOD!! THEN, the PRC b*stards drive like their own boss on our land, mostly by being bus drivers and NTUC lorry drivers and caused all the accidents here, here and here. FU!! GET THE F OUT OF MY COUNTRY!!!!!!!! PRC, FU FU FU OKAYYYYYY!!!!! The Sichuan earthquake is just your karma!!!! Since you people can make poisonous baby milk powder and kill each other, so GOD is helping you too!!!

I wonder who's the genius who allowed the large mass of them over here. Foreign talent. Talent my @ss!!!! Creating all the social problems, accidents, harming us Singaporeans. For the amount of GDP growth, is it really more important and precious than our own people's lives??

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